This film outlines the benefits of V-LIFE; increasing IR without the need for costly subsea intervention.


V-LIFE technology is embedded within the V-LIM, a LIM device with a difference. As well as continuously monitoring IR levels, this proven technology uses an electro-kinetic and electrochemical process to actively heal and improve cable insulation that is failing due to water ingress. It can be used as a preventative measure or to extend the life of a failing electrical distribution system.

The topside installed ‘V-LIFE enabled’ V-LIM minimises and mitigates the effect of water ingress into the insulation and increases the IR of the system. No subsea intervention is required.

Additional support is provided as part of the V-LIFE service in the form of condition reports, trend analysis and recommendations. V-LIFE is currently implemented on control systems supplied by five different OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Widely used by 20 operators globally, V-LIFE is the leading alternative to subsea interventions with over 150 years of operation and over 70 installations in just six years.

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Key Benefits

  • Increases IR without subsea intervention.
  • Recovers multiple IR failures throughout the system.
  • Extends the life of failing umbilicals and electrical distribution equipment.
  • ‘Buys time’ whilst a new umbilical is procured.
  • Used as an alternative to installing new, costly and long-lead time umbilicals.
  • Used to delay early field abandonment.
  • V-LIFE “finds” the points of water ingress, no diagnostics required

The application of V-LIFE blocks any pores in the insulation with a precipitate, thereby removing the seawater electrolyte and increasing the insulation resistance. As a result, the leakage current decreases and any copper loss is dramatically reduced.
If V-LIFE can be used to increase the insulation resistance to 3.5MΩ from an assumed starting point of 30kΩ, then the rate of copper loss will be reduced by over 75% compared to the rate of loss when using a standard third-party LIM. If the insulation resistance is increased to 30MΩ, then the rate of copper loss is reduced by around 93%.

Being able to heal as well as monitor IR without intervention is a huge leap forward. Healing technology has been installed on over 70 offshore systems for twenty different operators and the subsequent increased IR readings verified through traditional Megohmmeter testing processes. At one time this technology was considered to be ‘smoke and mirrors’, but now it is proven with a successful installed base. V-LIFE has changed the landscape for subsea maintenance and field life extension options.

Whether used for rejuvenation, reduced risk, a way of better controlling maintenance schedules, or to postpone field abandonment for where repair is not economically viable; this technology revolutionises the way we can think about handling the challenges of insulation deterioration.


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